They are coming with a special sound mixing Electronic & Pop colours under a Britpop style, apart from Synthpop & Electronic music, Niland uses many elements of Rock, Jazz & New Age from 80's and 90’s bands.

Niland was formed in 2013 near Mexico City, their first songs "And It Stands & Siivet" was released as independent music on April 2014, after 2 years the band signed with the record label Yamil Music Group to then release their first EP.

Arturo Avalos (Singer) & Aldo Allende (Guitarist) are music producers dedicated to create different kind of ambiences without lose the essence.

One of their special characteristics is the connection between all the songs, lyrics, videos and especially the artwork, Niland loves to put hidden messages and easter eggs everywhere.

Niland is obsesed with the nature & the life, so you'll ever find animals, elements of nature and mythological creatures in their music.

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